Section 2 – Tutorial Structure Example

This is not a real tutorial but an example of a basic tutorial structure proposed in “Creating complex ‘tutorials’ using a blogging platform such as wordpress …

This is an example of a “Section” page, it is not a blog post entry and the intention is to keep track of those articles related to this section topic. So here it is a good place to explain what this section topic is about followed by the sub index of the section in a similar way TOC is being exposed.

This is an example of the content of “Section 2”:

At the bottom of this page is also a good idea to set the navigation table as in the example below; there is a TOC link labeled “Go to Main Index”, there should be a “Previous” link to “Article 1.3” under “Section 1” in this case and the “Next” link will be to the first article in this section in this case “Article 2.1”.

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