What about your Blog’s motion …

After some time of “blogging” constipation I finally had a chance to sit down and think about something rather basic as well as important. When people in general do things, most of the time those activities are looking to achieve something. I guess this is the most primitive idea behind Newton’s law of motion which I am not going to discuss on this writing but just assuming it could be applicable for this matter.

Three laws of “blogging” mapped to Newton’s motion laws.

1 – In the absence of “Blogging”, the “Purpose” either is at rest or moves in a straight line with constant speed, so basically if nothing is written there is no expected change towards the purpose.

2 – A “Blog” site experiencing a force F experiences an acceleration a related to F by F = ma, where m is the mass of the “Blog” site. Alternatively, force is equal to the time derivative of momentum.

Ok this one will be more complex to find out but here it is my shot; If your site is injected with new “Blog” entries you are actually increasing its mass and every time the content of your “Blogging” becomes relevant to someone else and it gets read and perhaps commented, your “Blog” site gets a “hit” and a  force is induced and perhaps would experience some acceleration towards your “Purpose”. (I do not have scientific evidence of this but it could be fun to find out)

3 –  Whenever a first “Blog” exerts a force F on a second “Blog”, the second “Blog” exerts a force −F on the first body. F and −F are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. or in plain English ”To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions”.

Well, this one is tricky but hope I got it somewhat nailed.  Adding links to your “Blog” entries is a good practice, after all we do not invented, discovered or first wrote about something so giving credit to original authors just like in science articles would usually pays off. So how is this affecting your way to reach a “Purpose”. Every time a “Blog” entry points  (links to) another “Blog”  there is always an equal and opposite reaction. In this case  your writing is looking for validation or support from the pointed “Blog” about what is has been written or expressed; using legitimate and proper URL recommendations via links will reward you with credibility that your readers most of the time appreciate which could be traduced into more solid or authoritative hits (reads). Then remember the more hits you get the more acceleration and therefor taking you closer to your purpose.

Well, I sadly found out that linking to other “Blogs” or websites is not always positive but this is a topic for another “Blog” in itself; Be aware that comments over your “Blogging” usually accepts URLs pointing somewhere else and most of the time SPAM comments are not a good acceleration mechanism and does not produce the opposite force you are looking for.


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