what? No ice cream sandwich for my Nexus ONE …

Ok, Sadly news for Nexus ONE owners like me. It has been widely reported that Google’s Hugo Barra has announced that Nexus ONE would not get Android’s 4.0 upgrade due its hardware limitations. Nexus S which is actually invited to the “ice cream sandwich” party is not way more advance in terms of processing power or Memory actually is basically the same as Nexus ONE but it has a better GPU, huge screen and front facing camera which makes it more suitable to take advantage of new Android’s 4.0 goodies.

Why android’s 4.0 is important !!!

Basically “ice cream sandwich” code name for Android’s 4.0 release marks the all awaited convergence between Android based Smart phones and Tablets.

All Android’s based smart phones got stagnant running “Ginger Bread” Android’s 2.3 OS while All Android’s based Tablets came up running “Honey Comb” Android’s 3.0 which was designed for maximizing the use of the bigger displays and eliminating the need for too many hardware controlled buttons.

With “ice cream sandwich” both types of devices and I would say any Android based device in the future would not be tight to hardware control elements such as “Back”, “Menu”,”Home” & “Search” buttons that most smart phones  has implemented in hardware. Well, “ON/OFF” and “Volume” controls are common between smart phones and tablets but with Android’s 4.0 all these controls are available over the screen and of course they can be also routed via hardware elements as well.

Hey, Android’s 4.0 arrival is a good thing but for some of us who acquired a Nexus ONE at full price or even for the few getting it subsidized by T-Mobile with way lees than two years of its first launch. The main motivation was to get a phone that will always receive latest upgrades directly from Google and the availability to run pure and clean Android’s OS without any bloated add-ins from your wireless carrier. Well, that might not be true for Nexus ONE owners anymore and if this is the actual case I am not so sure anymore that that will be also a valid assumption for Galaxy Nexus or any other Google’s device.

A Claim for GOOGLE!!!

I am pretty sure you can stick to your promises or at least promptly release Android’s 4.0 source code so we can provide support on our own. We are still waiting for Android’s 3.0 source code to be released.

Hey Mr. Hugo Barra,  at this point the minimum expected from your Google’s corporate fellows would be actually thinking of accepting Nexus ONE phones back for a hearty credit towards getting a brand new Galaxy Nexus this Christmas!! Please release that announcement soon so we can plan for getting it by this black Friday!!!


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