App Inventor @ MIT

App Inventor moving at MIT. In case you missed the original Press Release you can read that. This might not be news for super serious Android developers but the official announcement from MIT about picking up “App Inventor” to move it from Google Labs to MIT media Lab  backed services is great news for us expecting this piece of technology to grow up.

The MIT Center for mobile learning is actually asking for collaborators so leave your contact information here.

The new App Inventor Edu site is already up and running. It is not only that App Inventor will continue as web base service to create Android’s apps but it also open its source code to the development community so it can be extended at will by the always embracing community. Details on App Inventor transition and FAQ here but basically Google’s App Inventor is providing a way to export all your projects down to your computer that you will be able to upload back up into App Inventor Edu site but hurry up since deadline for Google’s app Inventor site is due this December 31st, 2011.

If you cannot wait for App Inventor Edu to allow public access to continue developing or teaching, you can always install your own App Inventor Engine to host your very own development and publishing environment but you will need to wait for Google to release App Inventor source code and App Engine setup instructions. App Inventor Announcement forum is the place to keep an eye on!


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