I have a blog, now what?

I am not sure if this particular “blog” entry will be even read by someone outside my family of four including my two little ones who are not even teenagers yet but here I am, just after one day of successfully replacing my old boring and outdated “fidelvanegas.net” website with a brand new “WordPress” based “blogging” application. NOW WHAT? is the question.

Should I write a new “Blog” entry every day? or every week? or every month? … well I had not updated or enhanced my former website for months  before deciding to switch and become a “blogger” instead. I guess I will find out what is the best publishing frequency for me along the way but for now I can proudly say “I am an every other day “blogger” well at least for the first two attempts.

Should I include a picture or some sort of chart or graphic stuff on every “Blog” entry? mmmmhhh I am not precisely a graphics designer kind of person but I would certainly like to add some illustration to enhance ideas I will be exposing. For this “Blog” entry in particular I am not in the mood to add any picture! Hey who said “blogging” is not a way to exercise our freedom so today NO PICTURES!!!!

What about adding any link? basically a way to state that I recommend someone Else’s “Blog” or piece or work found in the Internet cloud. YES I will recommend WordPress.ORG folks for this wonderful “blogging” platform which I have found very easy to install, configure and use. I could easily create my own “Blog” application myself but why bother when there is a bunch of great PHP developers improving “WordPress” platform for me! It is notOpen-Source movement a beautiful thing? WHAT???? DID I JUST RECOMMENDED ANOTHER WEBSITE JUST FOR FREE?. mmmmhhh Is not that what Free-Software foundation is all about? If a get some software for free would not be great to give a recommendation back for free?

OK, to many words for my second “Blog” entry attempt. wait a minute; is “Blog” a word? I am not a native English speaker so lets go ahead and rely on our trusty “Galactic Encyclopedia” like Mr. Isaac Asimov would refer to WikiPedia.ORG if he would be still alive today (This is just my opinion about Mr Asimov probable way of thinking and sadly I can not verify that personally). “A blog (a contraction of the term “weblog”)” … more  Yes it is actually a word and a very popular one at least for this “Blog” entry roughly ~15 times.

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  1. Casa Las Margaritas Says:

    Congratulations Fidel! We will be following your blog. I am pretty sure will be very interesting.

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