Getting “Ginger Bread” update on my Nexus One …

It is March already? wow, times goes by pretty fast lately or it is just me. Yes February is only 28 days and March will feel longer now that spring is approaching but the fact is, I did not posted any article in February which is pretty bad and need to catch up to meet my goal of at writing at least an article per month this year.

Today was an awesome day, it started slow and not looking too promising but at the end I got to complete few tasks I had been working on recently so it will make my week productive already and on top of that I got a present from my Google friends. Today I got the awaited message “System Update” after turning on my phone this morning. As you can imagine I resisted to apply it immediately and decided to wait until the end of the day so I had the chance to blog about it.

So here it is the sequence of updating to Android OS 2.3.3 “Ginger Bread” with pictures, hope you would enjoy it.

After turning on my nexus one, I got the so expected message and instinctively the “Install Now” button is the one I got to press almost instantly.
Download completes after device reboots itself no way to get a screen shoot at this point. So waiting feels like a ton of time due impatience to start browsing and discovering any new “Ginger Bread” features. It was a total of 8 minutes from pressing “install now” to getting the login screen, not bad for 46+ MB of data download, upgrade and reset process.
Device turns back on like from a complete OFF state and it shows the typical Android splash screen “X” for quite few minutes getting to the Login screen. It is just me or the overall new look seems darker and sharper than before. I notice new stylish, smaller icons on the top bar over a black background. Lets get in now!!!!!
New home screen looks awesome, Phone and Browser icons now shows in green details so the “Ginger Bread” new theme looks like black over green; and a geek like me instantly feels like a fish in the water, yes, remind me my old and sleek Linux Console Black over Green or my Emacs theme as well. Dark is better less energy is needed to illuminate the screen, is that right or just feels like that? good question for another kind of geeks!!!
Application menus are also darker and sleek. I like it. Hey it is that “Manage Apps” option new, yes it is and certainly handy, two finger clicks to get to manage all your apps around.
Awesome greenish effects while scrolling over lists, I can get used to this. Click on the picture to see near the top of the list, this flash disappears right when the scrolling motion starts.
Ok, Now is time to check for current version, it should say 2.3.3. And that is correct I got my “Ginger Bread”.
At this point I am pretty happy with this upgrade but let’s take a closer look to few more enhancements. Yeah, that keyboard looks different. It is not great? I can select letters or numbers without shifting to a different keyboard just keep the key pressed a little bit more to pick the number on top.
well, the phone application looks sharper to me with the greenish highlights too. Nice!
At first look the web browser does not seems to be heavily upgraded or changed, well it would probably does not need anything, if it works why to change it.
“Managing apps” application was enhance, real time information about storage used/free is now showed with nice silver accents and apps memory usage is also shown within the list. This was probably not new but it is a nice feature.
Hey, I got a new “Books” application and it comes with few free books already downloaded. Well, let’s get to find few of those technical books that is handy to carry on anywhere we go.
I got also a new application called “Latitude”, let’s see what this new gadget is useful for, I guess my family and friends would be able to tell that I am at the office the whole day !!! wonder they do not know it already, yikes!
Lastly, I went around all my previously installed applications and the only one that got somehow a noticeable upgrade was my Android’s “Facebook” application. it looks roomy now and has a pictures slider and a notification shortcut key at the bottom. Not expected but happily accepted.

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