Closing on 2010 blogging year …

After all, this blog resource started as a blogging experiment. Today the last day of year 2010 the only thing I can share is my closing year blogging summary. I am pretty sure this may not be of an interest of anyone else but it will be my closing blog post and a way to compare my blogging activities next year.

until the end of 2010 I have been able to publish only 22 articles among six different categories with no tags. I have been blogging about “Blog Stuff” about 36%, “Computer Programming including Android and Scratch topics for about 63% and about “Linux Stuff” which overlaps few computer programming topics as well accounts for 22%.  I am clearly finding out what my preferences are heading so I would not be surprised if computer programming topics gets some increasing attention on upcoming 2011 year.

What I have been also putting a big amount of blogging time is dealing with my reader’s comments. What is incredible to me is that I have been manually tagging more than one thousand comments as “SPAM” (not counting the ones blocked by wp-spamfree) where only 2% of them looks like legit comments or at least somewhat related to their topics. This is bad and I wonder if this may be the reason many people just decide to drop out from blogging and embrace Twitting or Facebooking instead where a fenced community kind of protect you from getting flooded with SPAM that request action from you and take precious blogging time from you. I hope I can find a way to reduce these SPAM numbers during 2011 but still do not know the way it will work for me.

I have been upgrading my blogging platform at least 3 times from version 2.8.x  to 3.0.x which has been always giving me a pleasant experienced and new features to enjoy. No complains about WordPress team and kudos to all their developers and contributors for this awesome blogging platform.

So far has been a good blogging year and looking forward to 2011. I whish everyone happy 2011 blogging!


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