Ubuntu 10.4 upgrade step by step experience …

Once I am not the kind of geek that love to be on the edge all the time and usually prefer to try new stuff whenever it gets somewhat mature and stable. Yesterday I went ahead and put myself into the quest of upgrading my trusty Ubuntu 9.10 OS to the latest Ubuntu 10.4 LTS (Long Term Service). I should realized that I was not going to be alone on trying this and I am not sure how many thousands or then of thousands where trying to upgrade right away after the “10.4 LTS upgrade” icon was available from our Ubuntu Update Manager screen.

In summary, The upgrade process is simple but it is not something you can leave unattended, the steps below will show you all the screens that requires attention during the upgrade process and the ones you should provide a mouse click or hit enter in your keyboard. I am pretty sure Ubuntu image mirror servers where overloaded yesterday and possibly will be still overloaded for a couple of days so be prepared for long waiting hours while new distribution packages are downloaded and then installed. All my applications and development environment remained intact including all applications not supported directly by Canonical organization and I was able to work business as usual right away after restarting the system and login into my freshly 10.4 LTS OS so no complains so far but will be reporting any issues or findings along the way if necessary. With no more to add here it is the story:

Step 1

Late on April 29th, 2010 but surely Ubuntu 10.4 upgrade icon showed up and temptation was just a click away. I am guilty I could not resists so I clicked over the upgrade button on top.

Step 2

Hey, any modern and serious product including the opensource ones had to offer any sort of release notes before you acquire a product so this is the one for “Lucid Lynx” release. Click on the upgrade button again and you will be on your way.

Step 3

Wait few seconds for upgrade files to be downloaded. No clicks necessary here unless you want to cancel the upgrade operation at this point.

Step 4

This is a common warning/disclaimer from Ubuntu organization since they provide warranty on their own supported packages. In my experience I have never had a problem with third party packages after an upgrade. A click is necessary here.


Waiting for software channels to be established. In my case it took about 10 minutes on the day of the launch I can just think Ubuntu servers would become overcrowded.

Step 6

Waiting a couple of minutes more while the necessary changes were calculated.

Step 7

This is a second warning about all applications that will be not supported by the new version which usually means there will be a new one replacing it not necesarily that it will be lost. After browsing over the list you need to click “Close” button to continue.

Step 8

The summary of changes to be made is presented along with some warnings about the upgrade; basically do nothing while upgrading to be sure there are no conflicts. Note that this distribution is about 787 MB and the calculated download time relatively on my connection speed was about one hour. At this point you will need to click “Start Upgrade” button which basically means “Start Download” of packages.

Step 9

The download process starts and I notice that we always have the chance to “Cancel” this operation with no consequences except the time invested so far. I started downloading packages about 4:45 pm PST. Initial ETA time was 1 hour and four minutes, yeah that must be right today.

Step 10

Well, 171 packages out of 1446 so far at this point and as I was expecting in a very busy day like this; download ETA predictions will be skewed a bit and after about 45 minutes the average ETA time showed was around 6 to 7 hours. I started to wonder if someone is counting the number of upgrades happening on the launch day. At this point I was wondering if in some point Ubuntu servers would fail or just stop serving packages to the hungry crowd.

Step 11

In some point the download process was completed with no problems and I do not have any record of the actual time but this morning after more than 12 hours I woke up and notice one more pending message waiting for my input. This time Grub boot loader asking for some information. The help mentions something like if you do not know choose all of them but I did know so I selected the good one and clicked “Forward” button.

Step 12

Wow, the install process continued I was wondering if it could be stalled after all I left it unattended for several hours. After 20 minutes the installation portion gets completed. Yeah !!!!

Step 13

Now, Ubuntu upgrade program asked me if I wanted to keep all previous garbage or to remove it. I just clicked “Remove” button confident that there will not be any big consequences on my decision.

Step 14

Waiting for about 3 minutes while all not necessary packages and files were removed. Nothing to do here but just staring at all this removing messages hoping for the best part that was about to come.

Step 15

Fantastic, this is the time I have been waiting for …

Impatiently clicked  “Restart Now” 🙂  come to Papa baby.

That is it!!

It is all done, everything is in its place. Even Google chrome showed up as the default browser. By now all is happiness lets start digging in on what is new on this distribution.

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