Step 0.1; trying Android’s Hello World …

If you are reading this post and have not installed the Android’s Software development kit you may want to read Step 0.0 before continuing. If you are reading just for amusement go ahead without fear it will be fun.

Of course I am not planning to repeat what others have done just right. I found the official  “Hello World” tutorial from Android’s developers site very complete and helpful to get us started. There is even a complete website titled “Hello Android” dedicated to publish Android’s tutorials among other things. But what I am really exited about is to start reading and actually coding by following “Hello Android: Introducing Google’s mobile development platform” on its third edition by “The pragmatic bookshelf” folks.

This is not the first book I buy from “The Pragmatic Bookshelf” and I have to confess that I am a bit addicted to their books. I found their writting style and the way they organize their books very attractive and practical. If you are the kind of geek who learns by doing I would not be surprise that you will feel the same whenever you read books from this developer’s book shop.

This time the pragmatic programmer’s surprised me with a concept that I had not experienced before, well I have to confess that I did not read the first or second edition of this book so for me a section called “Fast-Forward” at the end of each chapter was pretty innovative. Basically if you need to get a grasp of what each topic is about and jump right into coding by just reading the target chapters this is what you need or even if you have already read the whole book but just happen that you want to refresh the concept before an intensive coding session “Fast-Forward” is what you want to go through to find out what you want to read again.

At the time of writing this article I had not finished reading the book so coding examples are still to come from my side, rather that showing silly code I would like to show a more hearty “Android’s Hello World” but for that I need to prepare few server side Restful interfaces to play with from my very first Android’s application. So this is the plan; I need to extend a web application to manage customers information and what a great first Android’s App such I can also manage my customer’s from a smart-phone.

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