Mastering multiplication facts with “Scratch” the cat …

Scratch programming allows “remixing” applications which basically means create a new scratch program from an existing one in a very simple way. This time my Son is mastering multiplication in preparation for his upcoming 3rd grade state evaluation exams. Learning math facts requires responding accurately to equations with cadence, the most consistence cadence is the better.

This is the description of our scratch remixed program where we change it from applying addition/subtraction match facts to multiplication mat facts. It took my nine year old and myself just 15 minutes to make the necesary changes and publish it on line.

New project is posted here:

Project Description:

“mathFacts Multiplication project Let “SCRATCH” the Cat help you out to master those multiplication match facts that will help you out to improve your math skills. Try multiplication drills where you will have up to one minute to answer as many facts as you can. Set your personal record and try to improve it with “SCRATCH” the Cat guiding you with the following:

1) “SCRATCH” the cat will chose a randon equation for you to resolve.

2) If you answer correctly, the Cat will Clap and show you the next equation.

3) If you do not answer correctly “SCRATCH” the Cat will “Meaow” and will let you to answer again until you get it correct.

4) After one minute “SCRATCH” the Cat will congratulate you and show how you are stacking up against yourself.


1) Try to maintain a rhythmic clapping sequence, you will easily notice which math fact family is making you lose your rithm.

2) Try to improve your personal best every time until you get very consistent between 30-40 or above correct answers each time.”

Try it, remix it and share it; it all open source. If you want to try our original project try it from:

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