Scratch IDE also runs on Linux 64 bits …

It is not news that our dear friends from MIT media lab will be supporting all three mayor desktop operating systems to run their Scratch programming IDE (Integrated Development Environment). What is news is that its Linux version originally created only for Linux i386 (the 32 bits version) can also run on Linux 64 bits version too, well, at least on my freshly installed 10.4 LTS version, Yeah !!!

So the trick was published by the scratch team on their “Scratch on Linux” web page but here it is a short version;

  1. Download your debian package from “Scrath download page” to your desktop.
  2. Open your trusty Gnome terminal, get to your Desktop directory and run;
    • sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture ./scratch_1.4.0.1-0ubuntuX_i386.deb

Note that “X” before “_i386” is the version of your Scratch DEB package in my case it was “scratch_1.4.0.1-0ubuntu5_i386.deb”. Now enjoy programming with your kids using Scratch programming language which underneath is really running Smalltalk 80 programming instructions.

After install is completed just run Scratch from your “Programming” applications menu;

Start scratching !!!

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