Chrome Browser for Linux has arrived …

Early this month and very discretely Google’s announced Chrome Browser’s release for Linux environment (Sources: Softpedia, Google). This might not be news for some of my geeky friends that has been using and perhaps doing development on chrome browser for some time now but they are for me and the few of us who are this rare kind of individuals that have been using exclusively Linux OS as a home desktop system for quite a while. So welcome Google’s Chrome browser to Linux desktop; this is an stable version not a developer’s one.

So far the experience is very good. Installation was a breeze just few clicks and the password to authorize the new DEB package installation. It imported my Firefox settings so the switch is smooth. Web pages load super fast and now if one the the apps gets stuck downloading content not a problem I just open a new tab and continue browsing. So far it is pretty impressive. I will report back on personal findings along the way but for now it is just happiness.

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