Ubuntu 10.4 upgrade step by step experience …

Once I am not the kind of geek that love to be on the edge all the time and usually prefer to try new stuff whenever it gets somewhat mature and stable. Yesterday I went ahead and put myself into the quest of upgrading my trusty Ubuntu 9.10 OS to the latest Ubuntu 10.4 LTS (Long Term Service). I should realized that I was not going to be alone on trying this and I am not sure how many thousands or then of thousands where trying to upgrade right away after the “10.4 LTS upgrade” icon was available from our Ubuntu Update Manager screen.

In summary, The upgrade process is simple but it is not something you can leave unattended, the steps below will show you all the screens that requires attention during the upgrade process and the ones you should provide a mouse click or hit enter in your keyboard. I am pretty sure Ubuntu image mirror servers where overloaded yesterday and possibly will be still overloaded for a couple of days so be prepared for long waiting hours while new distribution packages are downloaded and then installed. All my applications and development environment remained intact including all applications not supported directly by Canonical organization and I was able to work business as usual right away after restarting the system and login into my freshly 10.4 LTS OS so no complains so far but will be reporting any issues or findings along the way if necessary. With no more to add here it is the story:

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Mastering multiplication facts with “Scratch” the cat …

Scratch programming allows “remixing” applications which basically means create a new scratch program from an existing one in a very simple way. This time my Son is mastering multiplication in preparation for his upcoming 3rd grade state evaluation exams. Learning math facts requires responding accurately to equations with cadence, the most consistence cadence is the better.

This is the description of our scratch remixed program where we change it from applying addition/subtraction match facts to multiplication mat facts. It took my nine year old and myself just 15 minutes to make the necesary changes and publish it on line.

New project is posted here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/vasoco/1011004

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Chrome Browser for Linux has arrived …

Early this month and very discretely Google’s announced Chrome Browser’s release for Linux environment (Sources: Softpedia, Google). This might not be news for some of my geeky friends that has been using and perhaps doing development on chrome browser for some time now but they are for me and the few of us who are this rare kind of individuals that have been using exclusively Linux OS as a home desktop system for quite a while. So welcome Google’s Chrome browser to Linux desktop; this is an stable version not a developer’s one.

So far the experience is very good. Installation was a breeze just few clicks and the password to authorize the new DEB package installation. It imported my Firefox settings so the switch is smooth. Web pages load super fast and now if one the the apps gets stuck downloading content not a problem I just open a new tab and continue browsing. So far it is pretty impressive. I will report back on personal findings along the way but for now it is just happiness.

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SPAM is annoying, I got it.

Wow, I do still not know how could I had been so patient the past 6 weeks where I in purpose stopped writing on this BLOG for personal reasons and also due I was trying to understand what is all about with this SPAM flooding affecting the miserable four blog entries I have written so far. I stop counting the type of SPAM as well as how many different languages those comments were written mainly some type of Cyrillic kind of language I assume mostly Russian or from some eastern Europe countries. Topics ranged from medicine sales, human “organs” enlargement stuff, any sort of services sales and few trying to advertise their very own blogs were I do assume all these trying to drive traffic to other websites.

I FINALLY DECIDED TO STOP ACCEPTING COMMENTS ON MY BLOG POSTS !!!! Well at least I had a couple of legitimate commentators; thanks you two and sorry I am not showing your comments anymore.I am in the process to figure out a best way to handle this SPAM but that might require to install the newest version of WordPress which will take some time due it is very low in my To Do list of pending tasks.

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