I have a blog, now what?

I am not sure if this particular “blog” entry will be even read by someone outside my family of four including my two little ones who are not even teenagers yet but here I am, just after one day of successfully replacing my old boring and outdated “fidelvanegas.net” website with a brand new “WordPress” based “blogging” application. NOW WHAT? is the question.

Should I write a new “Blog” entry every day? or every week? or every month? … well I had not updated or enhanced my former website for months  before deciding to switch and become a “blogger” instead. I guess I will find out what is the best publishing frequency for me along the way but for now I can proudly say “I am an every other day “blogger” well at least for the first two attempts.

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Hello Blog!!!

This is my first post and the starting point away from my old fashion front-page based website. Older website content will be preserved under the following path: http://fidelvanegas.net/original