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This web space is intended for establishing a HUB page or gateway to reach all web based projects that I am directly participating or collaborating in some way.

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This web site itself My first web project ever and the one which will lead any other. It is basically my personal web page where I usually place every idea that I am seriously planning to follow up.


Technologies: basic HTML powered by FrontPage originally but moved to Nvu (Jan 2007) and most recently to Kompozer (Jan 2008), Lots of PDF and Word documents.

Web Hosting: orginally provided by ; We have a new webhosting provider (Jan 2008)

Arts & Pictures: few icons and backgrounds have been provided by Internet community.

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Web Hosting Services

Thanks to for providing web hosting services. we had a great service and support experience with them and there is no regrets, we believe this is still a great solution for static/dynamic web solutions based on shared hosting services. We have moved to our very own dedicated virtual server where we have more control over what is running at the server side and will enable us to run SaaS applications seamlessly. Not to mention that we will be able to scale costs down among all of us sharing this new server. Our service will be available at which is still under construction.

This project is initially targeting Mexico and Latin American market so this project will be entirely documented and developed in Spanish language.  

galenosWeb Project

Medical doctors on line is a Web based application service for supporting medical doctor who wants to experience www as a way for advertising themselves and providing digital interactions with their own patients.  Some sort of MySpace or Facebook but targeted to independent health professionals and not forcing people to belong or enroll into a specific social network.

This is a "Saas" Software as a Service extension project  which will also be targeting Mexican and Latin American customers. This project will have its very own web site in the near future.