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I really like and enjoy practicing sports including Swimming, Biking and jogging but still not a tri-athlete so far. So next paragraphs are intended for sharing stories and tips that a group of enthusiast fellows and myself use to dig in from time to time.


Take a look to a list of swimming events and related stories that I have been sharing with some fellows that also enjoy hitting the water.

Since January 2004 we started with basic swimming drills again once we got approached by a Andy Hobbing from Boise Idaho who practices triathlon and was starting with a new way for improving his swimming skills. I have to say that before listening to Andy I was not really aware about the "Fish like Swimming" term or even thought about if I was really enjoying swimming or suffering swimming. So we started by buying our first book and video from Terry Laughing.

From then on we had been drilling and drilling and drilling .... having fun and really making progress while swimming better during our 1 hour a day workout session. After trying this swimming way and experiencing swimming improvements on our own we hardly recommend to any swimmer to take a look to "Total Immersion Swimming" web page and start swimming fast, effortless while having fun in the pool.

If you are interested on Mexican swimming web site I would recommend the following two which are very actively updated ...



Useful resource for fitting your current bike or deciding for your new bike to your own body and needs. Weather you rode your bike for fun or to complete a triathlon event once in a while having the best fit to your bike will keep you healthy and powering yourself in a better way. So feel free to take a look to this anonymous "Bike Fit" white paper we had found but not know about the original author so we apologized about that.

Here we have Normann Staedler's bike setup. The one he used for winning 2004 Kona Hawaii iron man triathlon.

My bike's configuration will be showed here ... (late 2004)

JOGGING (Running)

running is not my best sport so far but when swimming or riding my bike is not possible due time or facilities limitations then running is a very nice option instead. So I never forget pack my pair of running shoes and running shorts anywhere I go.

Something I could share is about finding the right running shoes for yourself. It took me a lot of money and time but finally found a pair of "Saucony flat cushions" that really help my knees and let me run for long periods (more than 1:30 hours). I have to say that fancy and expensive stabilizers were killing me so I am glad that normal running shoes goes well with me so I am spending less money now. Perhaps it is also your case so give you a chance to try old fashioned and regular flattens or flat cushions once they might really fits you well.