myShorcuts a very simple Android’s app …

I had got Android’s app inventor installed and posted a blog about it. At this point a just want to browse and understand how capable or limited this development tool might be so for now a very simple application would be just enough to do the trick.

This blog entry is not intended to be a full tutorial by any means but just a way to show what I have found so far including personal comments about the steps along the way. Any software development follows a chosen development life cycle even when one is not consciously chosen.

Application development cycle

In the case below a typical water fall type of “SDLC” would do, of course in a very small scale.

What is the problem (analysis).

Well, after using my Nexus One for some time now I found myself always looking into a number of websites using the phone’s built in web browser. It takes me three clicks to get to reach any of them under “Bookmarks” screen. There is always a way to create a shortcut to those “URLs” that will allow me reach them with only one click but in my case I do not want to clutter my home page with too many icons.

I think if I can have a very simple application to list my websites in a form of a list that I can get access through only one icon placed at my home screen that would offer me a less cluttered home page and a two clicks way to get my web pages.

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