Installing Google’s App Inventor SDK…

Have you ever come back home on a Friday night and after spending a great afternoon with your family, having a hearty dinner and finishing up washing dishes, got to have some extra energy to do something you have been neglecting for quite a few months?

Well, today it was one of those for me and decidedly got to install Google’s “App Inventor” software development kit in my trusty Ubuntu box. So here you are the summary and early comments about the tool installation experience.

First, I opened up an email from “App Inventor Team” which I had been letting accumulate electronic dust at the bottom of my “gmail” account. Yeap, having a Google’s account ID is a mandatory step to get access to any Google’s application and this one is not an exception. In my case I am using my gmail’s account which does the trick for me.

the email highlights Just three easy steps to have “App Inventor” SDK installed and be ready to start using it to create Android applications and run them directly over your phone or emulator in a snap, or at least that is Google’s promise.

I am not going to reproduce what it looks like a very straight forward and clear step by step instructions, I will provide few comments and screen shots from what I did experienced tonight .

And the story goes like this …

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