My Nexus One ROCKS in mainland China

Three months ago my quest to get a rare Nexus One (the “ATT” 3G optimized version) came to an end. I had finally won an “eBay” bid not after several attempts and waiting 7 days for receiving the package as advertised by the seller. This was my very first “eBay” transaction and the only one so far (I may be also a rare not addicted for bidding kind of individual) but that was the only way to secure one of these now called Google development phones compatible with my network of preference. Yes you can get your Nexus One optimized for T-Mobile 3G bands directly from Google if you are registered as Android Developer. Ofcourse if you want to stick with TMobile as your wireless provider the newest Google development phone is the “Nexus S” based on Galaxy S family from Samsung.

As you may know already Google’s development phones are not subsidized therefore you will need to pay a considerable amount of money up front  to get the phone in your hands but that compared with freedom you get is northing.You get the latest updates of Android OS right at the minute it is released plus they come “Unlocked” which means you can use any SIM card compatible with GSM/HS-U-D-PA tri-bands pretty much the standard worldwide.

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