How about navigating the smartphone’s OS market consolidation …

These are amazing times to be witnessing or perhaps being part of history. Just like in the early eighties the Personal Computer wars took place and people either went fanatic about embracing personal computing or not paying attention at all. At the end most of those getting into the PC Hardware and Software sailboats were  gratified with immense returns on their investments. In late nineties the information age with the explosion of the INTERNET CLOUD SERVICES created a new generation of technology entrepreneurs which are still today on top of their wave ride. But another wave has just arrived and this one is getting in our lives faster and bigger than any of the previous ones; the mobile computing leveraging the cloud computing services is seriously growing and we are just seeing its first baby steps. I have been blogging about what smart-phone development platform I would like better to try  but the issue here is not matter of preferences, it is all about how big of a market would you like to reach and we are talking about an enormous amount of potential consumer’s of your mobile/cloud applications. These are the consumers that are buying millions of “apps” capable devices every year.

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Is Google TV one more reason to lean towards building Android Apps?

In a previous post I got some time to think about smart phone’s “apps” world of Software Development Kits. One of Google’s most recent announcements may shake the apps world up quite a bit. Google in partnership with Logitech may easily change anyones perspective’s around building apps. Google’s TV runs over Android OS and as commented by “Vincen Dureau” the geek behind Google’s TV on recent interview; they are aiming to have mobile apps running natively on your TV and later they will be adding some specific TV APIs into the mix but

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Scratch IDE also runs on Linux 64 bits …

It is not news that our dear friends from MIT media lab will be supporting all three mayor desktop operating systems to run their Scratch programming IDE (Integrated Development Environment). What is news is that its Linux version originally created only for Linux i386 (the 32 bits version) can also run on Linux 64 bits version too, well, at least on my freshly installed 10.4 LTS version, Yeah !!!

So the trick was published by the scratch team on their “Scratch on Linux” web page but here it is a short version;

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SPAMBots … come and get me …

I am trying a SPAM blocker solution for the first time on this site and I am officially on test/validation mode so …. Dear SPAMBots and even the human type of spammers are very welcome to try and flood my site.

NO, I am not crazy.

I do really want to check if this solution works. To demonstrate that I am committed, I have also added a “Contact” form at the “About” page with no CAPTCHA or silly questions asked. I am ready to dive into messages if necessary. Give me your best shoot.

Smartphone’s apps development is a RED Ocean …

Some technicalities to start with;

There are APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for almost any electronic device out there but most of its SDKs (Software Development Kits) allows you to write programs on your computer to interact with their respective electronic device and there is almost a different API for each device even within devices sold by the same company. Now Smart-phones allow intrepid software developers (mostly companies) to create arbitrary “Apps” (Software Applications) that run inside the smart-phone device; what a cool thing!! the question is which one to choose among an open ocean of options and restrictions.

Why is it so attractive to create Smart-phone “apps”?

In my opinion these devices are very appealing due its portability, connectivity, usability and now a days it’s coolness. Needless to say that those little things are used daily by millions of people and they are becoming increasingly addictive among Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals) and not so young one’s too.

Now getting into the subject matter;

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