Math Facts with “SCRATCH” the Cat

Taking this opportunity to write about something more personal and at the same time technical to share with everyone else. This month “Communications of the ACM” magazine I regularly receive, brought a little gift for me and my eight year old son. The front page article “Scratch: Programming for all” showcase a little one manipulating a bunch of “lego” like bricks which looked more like a set of computer programming pieces of code. Yes, indeed those were pieces of SCRATCH programming language a project launched in 2007 by the MIT media lab folks. After reading the article my usual curiosity took me to download the SCRATCH SDK that currently runs over Mac/Win OSes only,YES I actually spent several hours this weekend hacking on a WinXP virtual box with my son and I have no regrets so far.

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What about my blog categories?

I should not be to worry about this topic since this is my third blog entry so far and I am pretty sure there is not to much to categorize with this minimal “blog” production ;(  but “BLOGS CATEGORIZATION” is certainly a good topic to talk about. Well I am not referring to the fact that most blogging platforms support “Tagging and Categorizing” your blog entries such they can be organized and presented in a particular manner for future reference but to the fact that those categories would have a meaning or will perhaps be driving behavior in respect of the particular blog purpose.  oooohh, I guess I just touched a weak point about my blog site, Do I really have a purpose for my blog defined? I guess I should but that is another topic for a later time of inspiration.

Ok, so far without  doing any significant research effort about this matter I have found (empirically) three major categorization approaches.  I know there may exists many more but I will restrict today’s writing to those I believe I would be looking at first.

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